Richard A. Swanson

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Seminar for the Tsinghua University Human Resource & Organization Behavior Faculty - April 2010
Richard Swanson being introduced by Dr. Ronald Jacobs at Ohio State University research forum- June 2010
Richard Swanson and Dr. Baiyin Yang with Tsinghua University (Beijing) doctoral students - April 2010
Richard A. Swanson 2006
Swanson Keynoting the Knowledge, Economics & Management Congress in Turkey, 2009
Richard Swanson at Seoul National University 2007
Richard Swanson with Korean Corporate Educators 2007
Richard Swanson ANALYSIS book 2007
Richard Swanson with U of Texas at Tyler faculty 2007
Richard Swanson at University of Twente 2006
Richard Swanson receives EPT Award (Jim Harbaugh) 2006
Richard Swanson with University of Minnesota Faculty 2005
Richard Swanson Inducted HRD Scholar Hall of Fame (Gene Roth) 2004
Drs. Richard & Barbara Swanson 2004 AHRD
Richard Swanson inducted IACE Hall of Fame (Karen Watkins) 2001



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